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Welcome to our new analog photography blog grainfools

Welcome to our new blog, welcome to!

We are excited to start with our new playground. This blog is about photography in general, most of the time about analog photography though.

Both of us, Alex and me (Damian), got into the analog section of photography a couple of years ago. We’re both passionate amateur hobby photographers who primarily used digital cameras and then dug in the rabbit hole of analog photography. It turned out to be deeper and deeper over the years 😉

We are planning to do a variety of posts. For example introduction to certain cameras we own and use, lens comparisons, film stocks, photo series and reports of photo walks, vacations and stuff. 

It might happen that you will find other posts on here regarding other analog-related topics. Beside the analog photography we’re both HiFi and music nerds. 

If you’re wondering what the blog name is supposed to mean: basically we are both victims of the “analog” and we love “film grain” (at least as much as the touch of the needle and a running record). So it was clear to us that we should name this project: “grainfools”! 

Shooting from above with the Yashica MAT124G

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