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The endgame camera, Leica M6

The legendary Leica M6

Everyone who is more intensively involved in photography sooner or later has an “endgame” camera or equipment that they long for. Some want a certain L-lens from Canon, others want a medium format camera or a carbon tripod.

But there’s one thing many agree on, in the realm of analog photography, it’s the Leica M6. At least for me.

After a total of almost 20 years of photographic hobby and over countless digital and analog cameras, I have finally arrived. At least that’s what I hope. But there’s not that much left to put over a Leica M6. Maybe a Leica M7, or M-A, or even a Leica M-P. Anyway, for a relatively good price I got hold of this black Leica M6. Yes, it’s not perfect, yes it doesn’t have TTL (who cares?) and yes, it’s been around. But, the camera is only 4 years younger than me (built in 1986) and it doesn’t work like the first day.

I take it in my hand, it feels smooth, the leather is still in great condition. The metal cuddles up to my hand. Slish-slash, click, slish-slash, click. Anyone who has ever photographed with a film Leica knows how it feels when the lever snaps back.

I bring the Leica M6 to my eye, the metal feels cool. I see the world through a 34-year-old frame, it’s bright, I feel safe. Let’s both go out and capture the world anew.

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