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Meeting of the past – Yashica MAT124 and Dortmund Phoenix-West

The old Phoenix-West Park

A meeting of past worlds. On one side the Yashica MAT124 in 6×6 format loaded with the Fujifilm Neopan Acros and on the other the old Dortmund Phoenix-West industrial park, where the blast furnaces were still in operation a few years ago.

In 2001 the area was shut down and large parts of it were sold to Chinese companies. They dismantled the plants into small parts on a large scale and shipped them to China on hundreds of container ships. Now an industrial park and landscape area have been created there that invites people to take a walk and take pictures.

That’s what happened last year, and the two grainfools were out on grain fishing with their Yashicas and 35mm cameras. While Alex photographed with his Yashica MAT124 and the Nikon F3, I was only out with the Yashi. Now that a few months have passed and the new scanning setup is in place, I rescanned the black and white negatives and processed them with Negsets from Negmaster in Lightroom Classic. I really love the results and it’s way better than anything with my old Epson flatbed scanner.

One thing is clear, the Yashica MAT124 needs a basic cleaning. Even though we like “grain”, we don’t need dust and other traces in the pictures.

P.S.: In one of my next post I would like to show you my setup for scanning negatives and also my new project to archive my negatives (oh yes, a lot of things to do!).

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