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Purple Iceland – A slightly different Iceland with Lomography Lomochrome Purple film

Everyone knows the great shots of the vast landscapes, the raging waterfalls, or the black beaches of Iceland. For some years now, Iceland has been one of the highlights for landscape photographers, whether digital or analog. Iceland, with its rugged landscape and boisterous weather, has also been a dream destination for me for a long time, which I fulfilled with my wife in 2015. And I still look back with pleasure, even though I was on a different level photographically then than I am now.

Back then, we explored Iceland in a small Hyundai i10, always staying close to the capital Reykjavík. The day trips we took almost every day were breathtaking. But this article is not about the impressive long-exposure shots of waterfalls or aurora borealis, because we all know those already.

During the 10 days we spent in Iceland, I also did some analog shooting. Unfortunately, my budget at the time was not big enough for me to work with a proper analog camera, but I still took the opportunity to try the Lomography Lomochrome Purple film. This film is different from the usual color negative films. This film is an experimental film that twists the colors. Similar to the no longer available Kodak Aerochrome film, which turns the green colors into a rich red, the Lomography Lomochrome Purple turns the greens into a purple-pink tone, while the blue colors, such as the sky, get a cyan cast.

The Lomography Lomochrome Purple does not claim to be crisp but is more of an effect film, which creates great effects with the right landscape and good light. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in Iceland. In our case, there was hardly any sun, despite the best time to travel (June and Midsummer), so I tried to get the best out of it. Even though there are hardly any large green landscapes in Iceland. It’s more like you find moss-covered, rocky landscapes, covered with lupines (flowers) and grey skies. Anyway, I would visit Iceland again and again with the Lomography Lomochrome Purple.

Here are some results of Iceland in Purple.

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