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First attempts on Kodak Portra 400 on the beautiful Yashica Mat 124G

For my first post I will share some thoughts on my first experiences with the Kodak Portra 400. It seems to be a film stock that is loved by many and featured everywhere on social media. My first analog photography attempts were mostly shot on the cheaper options by Kodak (Gold 200 and Ultramax). I was surprised how much I liked the results and did not try out the professional Portra series until last year.

Inspired by several photographers and reviews I loaded up my beautiful Yashica Mat 124G and metered the film at ISO 200. I did that because it was summer time and I saw the chance to try out the possible pastel-look one might achieve with an overexposure of Portra 400.

I do have to say that I am very pleased with the results. On the one hand I really do like the colours even though with some examples it is not really the pastel-look I was hoping for. On the other hand I am once again completely in love with the results of that Yashica Mat lens. Boy, what a beautiful little machine that is. Damian already had an Mat for a couple of years when I was able to buy one of my own last year. In another upcoming post I will get back to that beauty.

The photos shown in this post are all from the same roll, developed by Görner in Dresden, DSLR-scanned (we will both get to that point later on) and processed within Lightroom using Negative Lab Pro. I shot these photos in my hometown, Herne. I was able to get out a lot last year, discover the Ruhrgebiet by bike and take a lot of photographs with different cameras. When I am looking at these photos again I am impressed that there are still many sights for me to discover and it is possible to see the contrast between nature and urbanity.

That should be it for my first post on our new blog. Damian, I promise to be a little more quick with the upcoming posts 😉

Cheers, Alex.

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